Purposeful Planters For Commercial and Residential Spaces

FocalZona is on a mission to add beauty and utility to commercial and residential spaces. Planters filled with healthy plants and blooming flowers add charm to any area, and accessories like railings, umbrellas, and soothing water features give the space purpose. We have been enhancing entryways to hotels, outdoor eating areas of restaurants, patios of residences, and the grounds around country clubs for years.


Expanding Areas of Interest and Activity

A focal point is the center of interest or activity. FocalZona Purposeful Planters and Accessories expand areas of interest and activity. Why restrict beauty and utility to a single point when you can create a welcoming area for many to enjoy.


All Planter Projects are Made to Order

All planter projects are made to order. This way you can refine and define the unique area that you envision. You will work with a design consultant who will help you select the right planters and accessories for your space and your budget.

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FocalZona Purposeful Planters are sold exclusively by Phoenix Manufacturing